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ESS Embedded Software Solutions, LLC

It's the software that makes it work!

Custom Embedded Solutions

Whether the project involves safety-critical positioning of primary flight control actuators for an aircraft, integration of a fail-safe signaling design for rail transportation or providing a communication back-bone for a blood analyzer, each will need an experienced embedded systems architect to define the requirements and design the software so they can function.

You may be developing a product which is the next hottest thing in fly-by-wire or maybe you are simply trying to connect household appliances in a new way. In each case, it is the customized embedded software in your product which makes the biggest difference and makes your product stand apart from the rest.

Our Consulting Services

System Architecture and Design

Let us help you define your system. We can work with you and your customers to define, build and deliver the correct solution.

  • We have experience in developing requirements, designs, and software for complex, multi-processor safety critical systems; to the rigors of DO-178C Level A for aerospace.
  • We also have experience in tiny projects for single purpose devices which were literally described on the back of an envelope!
  • We can work within your company’s defined practices and life-cycle tools, or we can also help define and set up procedures and tools which are tailored to your needs.


Do you have an idea for a gadget but not sure how to make it interface with its environment? Let us help! The nature of embedded projects means having to interface with something else – maybe you are responding to commands, sensing/measuring inputs, providing data collection, or all of the above! Maybe your design requires an interface you are not familiar with? Let us help you realize a solution!


Yes, we do still love to write code! This is where we make it all work. We are comfortable with projects large and small, across many different targets.


Legacy Code

Do you have a legacy project which needs some TLC? Do you need to upgrade your old RS232 device to CAN, USB, Bluetooth, Internet, etc.? Were you left in a lurch with something not quite right, or suffering from a lack of maintenance or documentation? Does it need a processor upgrade? Does it need to be refactored for re-use? Let us help you reverse engineer what you have and find a path forward.